Other Application Introduction

Video Meeting

This is the third application on the homepage. Common video conferencing applications can be bound in the settings to quickly evoke the video conferencing function on the homepage.


This is a convenient entrance to the homepage. Click to log in to the cloud disk, open and operate the cloud disk and local files.


The whole machine setting application, open to set the whole machine network, hotspot, volume, display and other content.


The whole machine detection and cleaning tool can detect the health of the whole machine and clean up junk content with one key.

Operation Guide

Operation Guide:User instructions, click to enter to view the operating instructions of the whole machine.

ScreenShare Receive

Click on the application to display the screen upload connection guide, and the user can connect the mobile phone and computer with the IFP according to the guide.

ScreenShare Sender

The neutral version of the computer and mobile client terminal, install the application on the mobile phone or computer, enter the screen code, or directly search for nearby devices to connect.

ScreenShare Dongle

The application of the dongle hardware running on the computer, click to enter, you can directly connect to the IFP without matching hardware.


The writing tools on the IFP can be opened by clicking icon on the homepage, which can realize writing, erasing, document insertion and other functions.


Application software download and purchase window, you can download and install software services that are not pre-installed here.

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