Bytello DMS Simplifies Device Management

This web-based software simplifies the management of your equipment. With Bytello DMS software, you can enjoy cluster management functionality for your interactive flat panels. Options include status monitoring, panel grouping, time zone and channel switching, volume control, and information bulletins. Everything you need is available in the same unified space.

Convenient Device Management

Discover the freedom that comes with being able to manage your devices quickly and conveniently from one location.
You can control, manage, and wake up screens from a distance, or even lock a screen when necessary. The android system works perfectly from a remote location so that you can control your tech from a distance. It’s the ultimate intelligent solution for administrators.

Get Powerful Insights with Data Analysis

Make the most of your transformative tech with simple data analysis. View the operations information from each of your devices in a simple and straightforward interface. Within your UI, you can gather statistics and analytics for informative data analysis. There’s also support for panel inspections, maintenance procedures, and more in the same environment. See a problem with a panel? Send an alert notification instantly.

Unified Application Management

Application management for your essential devices has never been simpler. Install, update, enable and disable apps on multiple panels at once. Control the access your users have to crucial apps from anywhere with remote access.

Scheduling Options for Admins

Need to run crucial processes at a specific time? The Bytello DMS software supports personalized schedules so you can time tasks according to your needs. There’s even the option to schedule third party Apps upgrades and patch times, so they don’t disrupt users.

Multi-level User Management

With multiple management level options, it’s up to you to decide what kind of controls each employee should have. The DMS software comes with a variety of account options to choose from.

Remote Screen Control

Control a host of crucial screens from anywhere with secure remote functionality. No matter what your circumstances might be, you’ll be able to manage a healthy and sustainable campus with easy-to-manage software. Controlling and troubleshooting devices from a distance just got simpler.

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