Interactive Flat Panel-Education Series

A simple, delightful, purposeful catalyst for classes

Immersive Display for Learning

Students concentrate on content, not the display, thanks to the design’s narrow bezel and thin body, which give it a screen-to-body ratio of up to around 89%.

Low Parallax

The reduced thickness of the air gap makes you feel like you’re writing on paper.

UHD Delivers Crystal Clarity

4K resolution delivers astonishing clarity across operating system

Responsive Touch

10ms responsive time captures your every thought. Windows Ink compatible.

20 Points Touch
10 Points Writing


Anti-glare Glass
Mohs Level 7 Hardness

Android 8.0 System

Optional PC Module

Shared USB Ports

Shared USB Ports

Purpose-Built Education Whiteboard

Inspired by the real classroom scenes, MAXHUB Whiteboard is born for better immersive learning experience.

Smart Illustration

A re-invented whiteboard that recognizes the hand drawing and offers a wide range of illustration options.

Handy Tools

A ruler, set square or protractor at a single tip.

Shapes Recognition

Automatically straightens up the hand-drawn shapes.

Instant Stickers

Add reminders to the whiteboard, and put them in a corner.

Smart Table

Auto-adaptive height and width in each cell.

Boundless Canvas

Extends the canvas in all directions.

Handwriting Recognition

Convert handwriting to text to improve your board writing.

Search & Drag

Search with whiteboard writing and drag the picture visual aids from the browser to the whiteboard.

New Features for MAXHUB 1.0

Home Page Customization

Drag a preferred app onto the homepage

Screen Recording

Capture and share what you write

Lock Screen

Prevent unauthorized login

Make Class Alive with EasiNote5

Interactive Whiteboard Software

MAXHUB EasiNote5 is designed for class preparation and presentation.
With various class activities templates and assorted subject tools, EasiNote5 greatly engages students into classes.

Aliance with SNOWFLAKE
Snowflake is an educational platform that provides schools, teachers and students with an engaging, active learning experience. It mixes perfectly with MAXHUB IFP, which moves education from teacher-centric to student-centric learning.
Save Lesson Planning Time
Snowflake content library gives access to standard-aligned lesson activities created by teachers for teachers. Better yet, they can get started right inside Snowflake.
Highlight Student Work
When students create work they are proud of, teachers can share it with the whole class. MAXHUB IFP highlights the work by mirroring students’ IOS Android, Windows and Mac devices inside a zone.
Video-Linked Lesson
More and more teachers are using videos to boost student engagement in the classroom. Snowflake provides video-linked lessons and easy access to YouTube.

Smart Education System

Intuitive multitasking, online updates and diagnostics, ready for BYOD

Dual-tasking in split view

Compare differing content on a single screen

Home page shortcuts

Drag a preferred app onto the homepage

OTA Upgrade

Get updates over the internet

Online Troubleshoot

Report a problem by scanning a QR code or taping on MAXHUB

MAXHUB IFP Education Series Product Specification

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