MAXHUB Education Solution

Class Delivery

Make Your Classes Come Alive

With a new interactive flat panel, new firmware and app for class preparation and delivery, MAXHUB provides the total solution for all your educational needs.

Education Series

Dual Color Stylus SW13

Android OS

Bytello Class


MAXHUB Education Series

A simple, delightful, purposeful catalyst for learning. Available sizes: 55 / 65 / 75 / 86 inch.

Education OS

Education OS

Customizable Layout | Android Note | Broswer Interaction | WPS Pre-installed

OS Specially Design

OS Specially Design for Education

Customizable Layout | Android Note | Broswer Interaction | WPS Pre-installed

Class Engagement Software

Bytello Class
A collaborative education whiteboard application for interactive displays, Bytello Class is purposefully designed for teachers to engage students with compelling content.
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Screen Share Pro
It is an integrated solution attendess to mirror mobile and PC displays, to view high definition photos, make vivid live broadcast, and deliver professional presentation.
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A Wi-Fi-based system enables easy interaction between the mobile terminal and IFP. Wireless Transmission - Send files or pictures from mobile devices to the IFP wirelessly. Remotely Control IFP - Using their mobile devices, teachers can click, drag, scroll, annotate and make comments on the screen.
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