Intel Unite® Collaboration Solution

Intel Unite® Collaboration Solution

The Intel Unite® solution lets you wirelessly connect your team to share materials and collaborate in real-time from anywhere, using any device. Simple and secure, no more wasting time on meeting connectivity issues.

Collaborate from Anywhere

Secure and Manageable

Seamless User Experience

Extensible Open Platform

Proactive Maintenance

Education Solution

A Tool for Modern Learning

Untether Classroom Collaboration

Minimizing connection disruptions, regaining classroom time, and creating a classroom ready for open discussion and free exchange of ideas.

Rapid and reliable wireless screen to interactive flat panels without leaving seats.

Display up to four presentations simultaneously for collaborative discussions.

Built-in tool for easy annotation from students’ devices to increase class engagement.

Extend Learning to Remote Students

Meaningful learning can happen anywhere when the knowledge delivery, class order maintenance and content streaming is realized by seamless operating experience.

Broadcast your lessons from the IFP Hub to up to 100 remote students, enabling real-time interaction.

To moderate collaboration sessions with built-in controls for teachers.

File transfer and media content streaming ready to spice up lessons.

Business Solution

Better Collaboration, Better Business

Powerful Meeting Control

To empower meeting control, secure data security and extend the possibility of your existing application and devices

Data encryption and guest network access in place to safeguard your data and content

Integration with video conference apps to streamline meetings

Plugins for cameras & speakerphone for easy in-room control from the Intel Unite® app

Collaboration from Afar

Intel Unite® solution allows business to streamline the ideation, creation and presentation process, and bridges the geographical divide that hindered communication, which greatly improves efficiency.

Multiple screen sharing allows side-by-side comparison to facilitates ideation process.

Easy setup for clients, start from what they have with easy deployment, intuitive interface and robust performance.

Enable remote participants to mark-up shared content with effective feedbacks visible to all.

MAXHUB with Intel Unite®


Secure and Manageable
Improved security with built-in end-to-end data encryption.

Corporate data stays behind firewall,even when using cloud option.
Extensible Open Platform
Compatible with Windows 7, 8.1 or 10, macOS 10.10.5 or greater, Chromebook, iOS 9.3 or higher, Android 5.0 and above.

Extensible platform with a breadth of business plugins and UCC applications.

Open API SDK to build your own plugins.
Seamless User Experience
Ultra-sonic login.

Join via PIN.

High quality content streaming of images, audio, and video.

Intelligent meeting control by role setting of Moderator, Presenter and Viewer.
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