MAXHUB V5 Vogue Series

Meet, in a New Fashion

MAXHUB V5 Vogue Series

Meet, in a New Fashion

3 Colour Options

Creativity Joins Productivity



Auto Zoom In

On the Speaker

Seam Speakers

Creative Acoustic Structure


Bridging the Divide

Lower Parallax

Outstanding Performance

3 Color Options: Creativity Joins Productivity

MAXHUB V5 Vogue SeriesMAXHUB V5 Vogue Series
MAXHUB V5 Vogue Series Sandy GoldMAXHUB V5 Vogue Series Sandy Gold
MAXHUB V5 Vogue Series Stella TurquoiseMAXHUB V5 Vogue Series Stella Turquoise

48MP Camera: Inescapable Clarity

Throughout the meeting session, the camera may offer unprecedented clarity, even after zooming in on the speaker. 48MP provides enough room for image compression with a higher signal-to-noise ratio. While we have a Full HD video conference, the image sensor would calculate based on the light information gathered on more than 16 pixels to form a single pixel. Therefore, the proportion of electrical noise in the circuit would be vastly reduced, increasing the clarity and saturation of the image.
Auto Zoom in on the Speaker | Higher SNR

Brainstorming Anytime, Anywhere

During a vote or a brainstorm session when we gather ideas from all participants, we used to have heavy paperwork and organizing the thoughts tend to be laborious. Now on a MAXHUB V5 Vogue Series, the instant stickers help make the session faster. Just scan a QR code on the screen, then we may send the text messages instantly onto the screen where could drag and zoom the uploaded stickers to sort them out quickly. Surely, a meeting could be more fun and engaging.

Wireless Screen-Sharing in Ways Unimagined

Traditional cables are rendered unnecessary during presentations. MAXHUB Screen-share offers a wireless connection between the panel and the personal devices like laptops, phones and tablet computers. In addition to that, MAXHUB also allows up to four participants to share the contents simultaneously. Either from MAXHUB Screen-share dongles or via MAXHUB Share application, presenting onto a MAXHUB is effortless and trouble-free.
4-split Screen Sharing | Arrange Projected Screens in Independent Windows | Do Not Disturb Mode | Sharing Options: Duplication/Extension/Specific Application
Wireless Screen-Sharing

Voice Localization via 6-element Mic Array

MAXHUB Voice Localization algorithm lays the foundation for zooming in on the speaker. By analyzing the phase of the sound waves and how soon they arrive at each of the microphone elements, MAXHUB could tell the direction of the voice. In the meantime, it calls the auto gain technology into play, balancing the volume from both near and afar. The noise algorithm samples the environment noise and cancels out the unwanted hustle and bustle, therefore delivering a clearer voice.
6-Element Microphone Array | Up to 8 Meters Voice Pickup Voice Localization | Automatic Gain | Noise Cancellation | Anti-Reverberation
Voice Localization

Seam Speakers, Creative Acoustic Structure

The V5 Series opens a much smaller seam for the sound waves to travel through. The sound waves go directly to the participants, instead of bouncing from the floor. The power is increased by 14% with 2.1 stereo sound.
2.1 Stereo Sound | 40W Powerful Speakers

Type-C Connector, Bridging the Divide

A newly added USB Type-C port shares the screen to the MAXHUB V5 and enables reverse touch control from the touch screen. Meanwhile, it also allows access to the built-in camera and microphone array. Now you can enjoy wide viewing angle camera and 8 metres of voice pickup features on your laptop. Besides, MAXHUB supports extension mode via Type-C.

Carrying Video & Audio & Touch Signals | Accessing the Wide-angled Camera and Powerful Mic Array

Enhanced Performance

Optional Android or Windows module will enhance the performance and reliability of the operating system. The Android module provides a straighter-forward way of human-computer interaction, whereas the PC module would offer greater security, broader compatibility and more powerful performance. Either module would make MAXHUB V5 a handy tool in the office.
Optional Android 9.0/Windows 10
MAXHUB V5 Vogue Series Product Specification

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