The V6 ViewPro Series

The Excellent Way to Collaborate

MAXHUB Collaboration Display

Virtually Face-to-Face

  • 48MP + 8MP dual-camera
  • 3X optical zoom
  • WDR
  • Auto-Framing
Ultra-clear picture quality is guaranteed as the MAXHUB V6 ViewPro Series adapts to varying lighting conditions. There’s no need to move seats as the panel automatically adjusts to the number of meeting participants, and where they’re located in the room. Homing in on faces, remote discussions are comparable to meeting face-to-face.

The MAXHUB V6 ViewPro Series’ newly upgraded 48MP + 8MP dual-camera with 3X optical zoom delivers sensational high-resolution clarity at any distance. Using a Sony 1/2-inch Sensor with a 92° HFOV lens, every participant is seen and heard, even in large conference rooms.

Without WDR

With WDR

WDR technology maintains ideal lighting contrast, preserving image clarity – even under extreme lighting conditions.

With auto-framing, the display automatically adjusts to achieve the best angle based on the number of participants and their location – just like collaborating in person.

*Supports up to 30 people. Working distance within 10 meters.

The camera automatically tracks speakers during team collaboration, simulating face-to-face communication thanks to speaker-tracking.

Focused, Noise-Free Meetings

Automatic gain control
Acoustic echo cancellation
Full duplex
Echo reverberation

Equipped with 8 array microphones at a 180-degree wide-angle and 12-meter voice pickup range, the MAXHUB V6 ViewPro Series ensures no voice is drowned out. AI noise reduction – based on beamforming technology and deep-learning models – filters out more than 300 noises, including typing, writing on the display, and air conditioning.

Immersive Surround Sound

  • 40W speakers
  • 5 sound units
  • Side speakers
Unlike the traditional speaker-mesh structure, the MAXHUB V6 ViewPro Series sports a minimalist sound output slot, taking into account both aesthetics and sound effects. Experience captivating, immersive audio, thanks to its 5 sound units, 40W speakers, side amplification, and surround-sound effects. Even in a large video-conferencing room, the audio is powerful and crystal clear.

Picture-Perfect Performance

  • 4K display
  • 90% NTSC color gamut
  • △E≤2 high-color accuracy display
  • Anti-glare tempered glass
  • Zero parallax
With high-color gamut and ultra-HD 4K display, experience 1.07 billion colors in brilliant detail, promising a professional presentation every time. Zero-bonding technology effectively reduces air refraction and parallax for enhanced visual clarity.

Easy, Wireless Screen-Sharing

Efficient Brainstorming

Nurture unrestrained, creative brainstorming while efficiently capturing your team’s ideas using the whiteboard, which starts up with just one click. Equipped with 20 touch points, the device supports two people writing simultaneously and comes with a variety of pre-installed graphic templates. Smart Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology allows you to easily convert handwritten text to print.

Works Seamlessly With PC and Mac

The V6 ViewPro Series’ front-facing Type-C interface design allows you to cast from and manage your own devices through the display. You can also use its camera, microphone, and speakers directly from your laptop. A 1.8m Type-C cable is included in the package.

*Wired screen-sharing is made simple with a single Type-C cable.
*Control your devices through thedisplay.
*BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)

Prioritizing Healthcare

Antibacterial glass, antibacterial passive styluses, and an antibacterial power button keeps you safe.

Sustainability in Design

ENERGY STAR-certified, the MAXHUB V6 ViewPro Series helps you protect the environment and save costs.

Instant Device Access and Management

IT teams can easily access and manage all MAXHUB devices instantly through the cloud.

Remotely update device firmware, turn the screen on/off, install apps, deliver a message to all panels, and more using the pre-installed MAXHUB device-management app.

Effortless Access with MAXHUB OS 6.0

MAXHUB OS 6.0 provides easy access to whiteboarding, video conferencing apps, and wireless projection. Users can personalize the customizable homepage for a tailored user experience, and join a scheduled meeting with just one click thanks to the integrated calendar design.

Application Scenarios

MAXHUB V6 ViewPro Series Product Specification

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