Attending ISCFE 2021 Event, Gibran Learns Many Smart City Concepts

Solo Mayor Gibran Rakabuning Raka attended the 2021 Indo Smart City Forum & Expo (ISCFE) event at Sahid Rich Hotel Yogyakarta, Wednesday (13/10). The event, which was attended by mayors throughout Indonesia, was held by the Association of Indonesian City Governments (APEKSI).

According to Gibran, the activity discussed the latest issues regarding Smart City, especially the discussion on “Building a Sustainable Smart City Ecosystem for Pandemic Management”.

“Of course, I learned a lot about the smart city concept here from other cities. Can exchange ideas and develop innovations. From how we preserve the environment, increase economic competitiveness and build a modern civil society,” he said.

Gibran claimed to have benefited a lot from the meeting. He will apply it in Solo, so it doesn’t lag behind other big cities.

“What is clear, Solo does not want to be left behind. We will continue to adapt to develop and apply the knowledge from this meeting to accelerate the response to the pandemic,” he said.

In addition to discussing the latest issues related to smart cities, ISCFE 2021 is also coupled with the APEKSI 2021 Technical Working Meeting.


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