MAXHUB Launches Smart Lectern with Wireless, Centralized Control

MAXHUB Smart Lectern

The MAXHUB P22MB Smart Lectern from MAXHUB is the perfect solution for centralized and wireless control of any meeting or presentation.

This wouldn’t be a MAXHUB podium if the electronics commonly seen in meeting and presenting contexts weren’t designed in an inventive way. The MAXHUB P22MB eliminates many of the cords commonly found in meeting/presentation contexts thanks to its wireless connectivity.

Presenters may control their whole presentation system, including the integrated lectern microphones, right from the podium. The podium’s revolutionary 21.5-inch interactive display facilitates this. Presenters have complete control over their Microsoft PowerPoint presentation, for example, with this display. They can also annotate crucial points directly on the screen without needing to use a mouse. The P22MB podium also comes with pre-installed white boarding and collaboration tools, as well as wireless sharing, which makes it simple to integrate a laptop in a presentation.

The P22MB smart design will appeal to meeting organizers and speakers. The integrated wheels on this feature-rich podium make it simple to place it in the ideal on-stage location. Equally important, presenters will appreciate the ability to electronically change the podium’s surface to the ideal height, which helps them feel at ease in front of an audience while optimizing their ability to engage with their notes and other meeting materials. This month, the MAXHUB P22MB Smart Lectern will be available.

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